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June 2014

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Marianne Sorensen: Co-President, AAUW Dear Friends,

I hope your summer is off to a good start and you have found creative ways to stay cool! Before you get to far into a summer state of mind if you haven’t already renewed your membership, please remember to do so as soon as possible. Details are below in Membership news.

Many of you expressed interest in more social activities and we heard you! We are working to create an environment that encourages more connections between our members both within in our formal structure and beyond it.

We will provide sign-up sheets at the September luncheon to gauge your interest in various activities such as bridge, movies, book club, bowling, walking, dining out, advocacy, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Please start giving some thought to what you would like to do with other members who have also been looking for like-minded people! 

As you hopefully know, we’ve restructured our organization to include all our activities and programs under one new tax-exempt Utah corporation. Because we are now a new corporation, we need to vote to accept new bylaws, which we plan to do at the September meeting. Proposed bylaws will be circulated for your review prior to the meeting, so please watch your email for that important information.

We want to make sure that our love and support goes out to members of the Branch who are facing health issues or grieving the loss of a loved one. If you are aware of a member who is dealing with a challenge such as this, please let me or one of the officers know so that we can reach out to that member.

Best wishes for a happy and productive summer.

Marianne Sorensen

eSmart Camp for Girls

Submitted By: Gloria Prahl

We would love to have you come visit us at camp and see what we do. Better yet -- join our volunteer staff and participate in what we do! Camps are scheduled for July 9-11 and July 16-18 on the campus of Dixie State University. I'll be hosting this month's Uppity Women so I can give you more information then or you can call me, at 674-2824 or Rosemary Hargrove 817-5650. We can use some help the week before and during camp. Thanks so much for supporting our girls!

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Submitted By: Lolita Hagio

Give a Grad a Gift

Do you know a woman who is graduating from college? Do her a favor and sign her up for a FREE one year National AAUW membership! If she is earning an associates or equivalent (RN), bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate, and is not a current AAUW member, the grad is eligible. She does not have to join a state or local branch, and may hold the National membership alone. If you wish to submit a graduate’s name, please contact me, Lolita Hagio ASAP, via e-mail: hagio@sunrivertoday.com, and I will handle the paperwork for you


Some of our members mentioned that many local folks are not familiar with AAUW, and our mission. One of the ways our organization can be more visible is for us to use products that have AAUW’s logo on them. AAUW no longer has a catalogue in print form; but it is available online: Shop AAUW. There are a lot of goodies there, ie: sweatshirts, tee shirts, note cards, pens, journals, license plate frames, mugs, water bottles, golf accessories, luggage tags, tote bags, to name a few. Let us advertise in a small way that we are proud to be a member of this great organization!

Membership renewal

On June 30th all AAUW 2013-2014 memberships expire. If you renew before then, it’s an early renewal; and we will love you forever. If you renew soon after June 30th, we will STILL love you!

Regular dues: $75

Affiliate dues: $18

Please make out your check to 'AAUW St.George' and send to:

AAUW Treasurer
P.O. Box 790
St. George, UT 84771

Thanks, Arigato, Gracias, Mahalo, etc.

Barbara Brahm - The Hat LadyMany of you are familiar with Barbara Brahm, our 'hat lady' who dazzles us with her original chapeaux. Barbara calls those who don’t have e-mail regarding luncheons, and sends out their newsletters. In the past she has manned the registration desk. Right now Barbara needs our love and support—she sustained a stroke right after having brain surgery five weeks ago. She is in a skilled nursing facility in California:

Barbara Brahm
Pacific Coast Manor
1935 Wharf Road Room 32-B
Capitola, CA 95010

I think she would be so pleased to hear from you.

That reminds me: If you know of a member or their family, who is having a health issue, please contact Lesley McPeek at lh.mcpeek@gmail.com, or me, Lolita Hagio, at hagio@sunrivertoday.com, so we can send them a message of support on behalf of our group. Thanks!

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Gorgeous views, fabulous food and great company! High fives to all the women who made this Cocktail Party seem so effortless: the Convention Committee: Rosemary Hargrove, Katy Peterson, Bev Hill, Mary Kay Soucy, Colette Thomas, Joyce Gilligan, Sue Wilson, Kay Ackerman, Pam Connors, Grace Trojan. As well as the AAUW members who helped did kitchen prep, serving and clean-up: Kayla Koeber, Stephanie Martin, Jane Fischer, Karyn Thomas and Marianne Orton. Thank you very much!

Editor's note: my apologies for not naming or wrongly identifying people in these pictures! Still learning who is who. Corrections are welcomed and appreciated. Special thanks to our photographers: Gary Engelman and Kayla Koeber.

Erin O'Brien (l) and Katy Petersen (r) get the party started with a grand welcome.
Some of the culinary artists (l-r) Mary Kay Soucy, Karyn Thomas and her mom Colette Thomas.
Sue Wilson (r) is being helped with hors d'oeuvre assembly.
The hosts with the mosts! Katy Petersen (r) and her husband (l) in their kitchen yakking it up with AAUW members.
They weren't lying about the fabulous food!
One of the indoor hang-outs at the kitchen bar.
Donna Howell (r) enjoying the great outdoors.
Mixing it up with fellow AAUW members...
...from around the state.
Carol Sawaya (l) holding court! :-)
(l-r) Dorothy Engelman, Erin O'Brien, Gloria Prahl

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Calendar items will run until the event has occurred. Please submit your event no later than the 7th of the month you want the notice to start. No forms - just send a regular email message with your information in the message itself or as an attached document. Send to: lysa@riverroad-productions.com

June 19, 2014


Uppity Women

5:00 p.m - ish: Entrada Country Club: enter from the Snow Canyon gate. Uppity Women will meet through the summer so we can enjoy cool cocktails in the sizzling heat. July and August dates to be announced. Watch your inbox for the invite!

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July 9-11 & July 16-18, 2014



Camps will be held on the campus of Dixie State University. Volunteers needed! We can use some help the week before camps start and during camp. For more information please call Gloria Prahl at 674-2824 or send an e- mail to: e-smart@infowest.com.

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The St. George Branch Program and Membership Meeting Luncheons are held on the first or second Monday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott, located at 185 S 1470 E, St. George, UT 84790.

Lunch is $16.00 per plate and features educational speakers that are of interest to our membership. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.

September 8, 2014

October 6, 2014

November 10. 2014

December 1, 2014

January 5, 2015

February 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

April 6, 2015
(Annual Meeting at new Promise Church)

May 4, 2015


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Board Meetings are held at Jones-Waldo and start promptly ;-) at 4 p.m.

September 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

November 17, 2014

December 8, 2014

January 12, 2015

February 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

April 13, 2015

May 11, 2015

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Marianne Sorensen: Co-President, AAUW

Marianne Sorensen

Vice President

Donna Howell, AAUW Co-VP Finance

Donna Howell

Co-Vice Presidents Programs

Kayla Koeber, AAUW Program Co-Chair

Kayla Koeber

Angela Thoburn AAUW Program Co-Chair

Angela Thoburn

Co-Vice Presidents Membership

Joyce Spinelli, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Joyce Spinelli

Lynne Carlquist


Bonnie Boling

Mary Hatch


Vicky Jennings

Kay Ackerman



Lysa McCarroll

Public Policy LAF/EOF

Lisa Bratton

Jeannette Johnson

Jeannette Johnson

Past President/Scholarship Committee Chair

Ruthie Allen: Co-President, AAUW

Ruth Allen

Scholarship Committee

Shannon Anderson

Katy Peterson


Dawn McLain

Corresponding Secretary

Lolita Hagio, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Lolita Hagio

Lesley McPeek



Gloria Prahl

Gloria Prahl


Lori Baum

Lynne Carlquist

Joyce Spinelli


Ruth Allen

Shannon Anderson

Katy Peterson

Author, Author!

Jane Blackwell

Katy Peterson

Gail Winterfeld

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30 + Years

57 Ellen Tadken
46 Jeannette Johnson
44 Pamela Wootten
33 Carol Sawaya

20-29 Years

28 Lois Sheets
27 Louise Stevens
25 Penelope Eicher
22 Ruthann Adams
20+ Kay Ackerman
20+ Wreatha Witte
20 Carol Day
20 Gloria Prahl
20 Linda Timmons
20 Chris Wheeler

10-19 Years

19 Dianne Baumann
19 Joyce Spinelli
18 Mary Bartholomous
17 Laura Rodelander
12 Kayla Koeber
12 Marilyn Wenzel

5-10 Years

9 Laura Blackman
7 Liz Adams
7 Ruth Allen
7 Carol Lubomudrov
7 Lesley McPeek
6 Nadene Barish
6 Bobbie Sylvester
6 Jean Volz
6 Sue Wilson
6 Gail Winterfield
5 Lolita Hagio
5 Rosemary Hargrove
5 Terry Ogborn
5 Daphne Selbert
5 Cindy Smith
5 Marianne Sorensen
5 Helen Stanfield
5 Heidi Tasso
5 Janet Tenneson-McCarty
5 Colette Thomas

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Video: Competitive Foursome

Competitive Foursome

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"Let us wage a glorious struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism. Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are the most powerful weapons."
Malala Yousafzai

Survivor of Taliban assassination attempt in her speech to the U.N. on her 16th birthday

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