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April 2014

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Marianne Sorensen: Co-President, AAUW

Over the past year, the board of directors has participated in two leadership development retreats led by Angela Thoburn and Donna Howell. Under their talented guidance, the board participated in exercises and activities designed to help us work together as stronger, more professional and more effective leaders.

As a result of this work, the board has adopted a set of guiding principles under which we desire to conduct ourselves and the business of the Branch. We are pleased to present them to you here:

  1. All of our actions reflect our mission to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research, and to accomplish related charitable and educational purposes.

  2. All of our actions are ethical, honest and professional.

  3. We implement effective programs and projects that attract a diverse membership and community support, which make a positive impact on our community.

  4. We challenge our thinking on contemporary issues through stimulating discussions and activities.

  5. We foster an environment built on respect and valuing diversity of opinion.

  6. We support each other and celebrate our unique gifts.

  7. We believe board members approach issues and decisions with good intentions.

  8. We resolve issues face to face whenever possible, avoiding triangulation.

  9. When conflicts surface we seek solutions rather than blame, and we ask for assistance if needed.

  10. We hold each other responsible and accountable for exemplifying our guiding principles and fulfilling our individual responsibilities as board members.

  11. We support board decisions and present a unified front, after active discussion and debate.

We plan to implement and expand upon each of these guiding principles over the coming year. The board hopes that these guiding principles will be useful to all of us as members as we participate in Branch activities.

Your Co-President,
Marianne Sorensen

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Please submit committee updates no later than the 7th of the month to be included in that month's newsletter. No forms - just send a regular email message with your item in the message itself or as an attached document. Submissions should be sent to: lysa@river-rd.com


A month out and the days are going fast! We're in the "details" stage of getting ready for the weekend and yes, our Committee could use some extra help to make sure people know we've got it going on in St. George (which we do!). But. The most important way you can help us is by coming to the Cocktail Party and/or joining us at the Convention on Saturday.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet other AAUW Members and to have the non-AAUW people in your life (including men!) discover why you are so nutty for this group!

The Friday night cocktail party on May 16th is open to everyone! You'll get to dine on fabulous food, drink wine (or not) and gaze out over beautiful St. George from the home of Katy Peterson. All this for the low, price of $25! And while we're raising a glass we're also raising money to give out more scholarships. How great is that?

Bonus: this will also be our May Uppity gathering too! With a later starting time and it being Friday night we hope more - all - of you can join us. Bring a co-worker!

Please register for this event as soon as possible....we need to make sure we have enough wine and food! :-)

Saturday is the actual Convention at the Courtyard Marriott. We have a line-up of panel discussions and speakers who will talk on issues women face today -- particularly in Utah. And on Sunday we're doing a special hike in Snow Canyon.

Again, we urge you to register for the Convention as soon as possible... we need to know how many swag bags to bring!

Participating is the most important thing you can do to help our committee. However, if you have time we can always use extra hands, specifically:

  • We will be coordinating rides for folks -- so if you need a ride or can give a ride contact Rosemary Hargrove: hargroverosemary@yahoo.com or call 435-817-5650.

  • Set-up and clean-up help for the Cocktail Party would be deeply appreciated. Contact Rosemary: hargroverosemary@yahoo.com or call 435-817-5650.

  • if you have a fabulous, must-have, hors d'oeuvre or dessert you want to bring to the cocktail party, check with Mary Kay Soucy: maryksoucy@gmail.com or call her at 435-986-0387.

On behalf of the Convention Committee we truly hope you can attend at least one of the events. Of course if you can do both the cocktail party and the Convention that would put us over the moon!

Note: If you prefer to pay by check or cash contact Rosemary.

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Gloria PrahlThis year we again participated in the statewide fundraiser LoveUtah/GiveUtah.

We raised a total of $1,080.00! With an additional matching grant of $750.00 designated for eSMART. After deducting administration fees ($64.76) Scholarship received $310.24 and eSMART $1455.00. :-)

The camp is coming along. We have 80 girls accepted with 11 girls on a waiting list. The schedule is almost complete with most of the instructors returning A couple for only one camp, but we have new blood coming in to fill that spot in the other camp.

We will be looking for volunteers to help before, during and after camp. We will try a different approach this year, so if you want to see what camp is really about, get in touch: Gloria Prahl e-smart@infowest.com.

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AAUW Scholarship Winners Selected for 2014/15 School Year

On March 19th, Shannon Andersen, Pam Wootten, and Sue Wilson met with Heidi Tasso and the applicants from Millcreek High School. Four of the five applicants were interviewed. This process helped them have a better idea of our organization and helped our Committee understand their many challenges. Subsequently we were able to guide the Scholarship Committee when it convened on the 21st of March to consider all AAUW-SGB scholarship applications.

We have a wonderful group of scholars to honor this year!

$500 MILLCREEK High School Scholarships will be awarded to students Jasmine Escobar (biology), Brenna Ledbetter (criminal justice and law enforcement) and Shawnee Grimshaw (pre-law). We hope to mentor and encourage these deserving young ladies during their first year at DSU.

$1,000 Re-entry Scholarships will be given to Mandy Bell (Mathematics Education with a minor in Chemistry) and Lauralynn Van Waggoner (BS in Elementary Math Education). Both women have put their families before themselves, and now that their youngest are in school fulltime, they look forward to continuing and completing their own educations.

$1,000 Returning Scholar – This year the Scholarship Committee decided to award a $1,000.00 scholarship to one of our former re-entry scholarship recipients. We are proud to support 2012 awardee Annette (Olson) Harvey as she continues to pursue a BS in Nursing.

$600 Garden Tour Scholarship – On April 3rd, the Garden Tour Committee met to consider DSU scholarship applications. Ruth Allen and Pam Wootten from our AAUW Branch met with representatives from Utah Business Women, St. George Garden Club and the Lady Lions Club to select four recipients. Each Garden Tour participant selects one scholar from a pool of applications presented by Sue Perschon, Scholarship Coordinator of DSU. Our Branch choice is re-entry student Monica Miner who is currently enrolled in DSU's Nursing Program, expecting to graduate in May of 2016. She will be awarded her scholarship in our name at the Garden Tour Tea on April 10th. Em Diefenderfer, Ruth Allen, Shannon Andersen and Pam Wootten plan on representing our branch at this tea and look forward to meeting our scholar.

All recipients will be invited to attend our May Branch Luncheon meeting honoring our scholars.

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Calendar items will run until the event has occurred. Please submit your event no later than the 7th of the month you want the notice to start. No forms - just send a regular email message with your item in the message itself or as an attached document. Send to: lysa@river-rd.com

April 16, 2014



Extinguished Woman of the Year

Wednesday, April 16
(yes, Wednesday… Entrada isn't available Thursday)
Entrada Country Club 5pm-ish

Please join us in a very special
Only at Uppity Award Ceremony
as we vote on who deserves a glass of wine
more than ANYONE.

Please note ANY members nominated for our AAUW
Distinguished Woman of the Year Award
are ineligible for consideration for obvious reasons.

Bring you and your tough year out to play and for some general support and hilarity.

Please RSVP to Kayla

Save the Dates for Future Adventures in Uppityhood

Friday, May 16
Uppity Women has made a move for May. We've cancelled May 22 at Entrada to say hellllooooooo State Convention Cocktail Party, May 16 at Katy Peterson's home. Still a great opportunity to relax and have a few laughs… AND we get to meet out of area Uppities while supporting our State Convention. What's not to love? Cost is $25 (wine and food included!)…to sign up click here for the Cocktail Party AND the State Convention Saturday, May 17.

Thursday, June 19 - Entrada

Uppity Women meets all summer long for cool cocktails in the sizzling heat. Dates to be announced,

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April 17, 2014



Great Decisions - Thursdays at the LibraryGreat Decisions will be discussing China's Foreign Policy on Thursday, April 17th at 1:30 p.m. in Conference Room A at the St. George Branch Library. The last meeting of Great Decisions will be on Thursday, May 1 and the topic will be U.S. Trade Policy.

Great Decisions is open to the public and new members are always welcome! Please contact Carol Sawaya at: carol@thesawayas.com for more information.

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April 26, 2014


Garden Tour

Downtown St. George, 10a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served at the Opera House social hall. Tickets are $10 per person. Contact Em Diefenderfer 435-817-1018, em@quantumvitality.net for more information and purchase tickets.

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May 7, 2014



We Believe in You!

Please join us for our final luncheon of the 2013/2014 AAUW season and a celebration of our core mission to help all girls and women have a fair chance in this world. Angela Thoburn AAUW Program Co-Chair

In addition to presenting the annual Distinguished Woman of the Year Award our May program will feature the culmination of the very hard work our members engaged in all year to fund our AAUW Scholarship effort and run eSMART Summer Camp for Girls again this summer.

Scholarship Co-Chairs, Pam Wootten and Shannon Andersen have invited each award recipient to join us as our guests and speak to us about their plans and dreams. We all know our scholarship efforts are a wonderful endeavor - witnessing the direct impact we make on a deserving student's life is food for the soul.

This is a program you do not want to miss.

We will also have a brief update from Gloria (Field Marshall) Prahl and the march toward eSMART Summer Camp 2014. While our Luncheon / Program year ends in May the effort to put on eSMART goes into high alert. Watching the lights come on in a giggly, wriggly 12 year old brain as she becomes absolutely fascinated by a science project (DNA necklaces anyone?) is worth any volunteer hours you can expend. Kayla Koeber, AAUW Program Co-Chair

We will close our luncheon with a wrap up of the year and what we hope, as your Program Co-Chairs, to entice you with next.

When you gather a circle of smart, strong women with big hearts amazing things happen. We look forward to seeing you in May to show our lovely students how much "We Believe In You."

Thank you for strong your participation all season. You have risen to every challenging topic, treated every speaker with respect and brought insight and energy to each meeting. You are why we signed up for another tour of duty!

Kayla Koeber and Angela Thoburn
Program Co-Chairs


Please help us plan for next year by completing the program survey!

Luncheon is $16 per person and reservations have to be made by April 29, 2014. Click here to reserve online. All major credit cards accepted. Payment is handled through PayPal but you do NOT need a PayPal account. If paying by check please make it out to AAUW - St. George and send to to P.O. Box 790, St. George, UT 84771. We must receive your payment by April 29th to reserve your seat(s)

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April Luncheon Highlights

Barbara Brahm dazzles with another fabulous hat:

Barbara Brahm in a fabulous red hat!

Jeannette Johnson got things started with a reminder of what the AAUW mission is all about: Breaking Through Barriers by advancing equity forJeannette Johnson women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research. And how we, the St. George Branch support it.

If you missed her presentation about AAUW's recent achievements, its Public Policy Program and Principles for Action, the major areas of activity such as Research, Campus Leadership Programs, STEM Education, the Legal Advocacy Fund, Educational Funding and Awards, Global Connections and Member Focused Leadership then grab a copy of her handout here.

The salute to the members who kept us going to become the dynamic organization we are today was started by Gloria Prahl reading the names of long time members and the number of years they have been a part of AAUW.

Gloria compiled the information from: Nat'l Branch Membership Roster, old rosters she had, calls she and Donna Howell made and information Kayla received. Apologies to anyone who was missed! Particularly new members who have joined since February 1, 2014. Please check out Bobbie "Frisk-Me-Please" Sylvesterthe list in the sidebar and let us know if you should be on it!

Kayla Koeber reminded us how we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us and the importance of honoring the women who fought for the equity we enjoy today by lending a hand and sharing our hearts with those who follow behind. Her heartfelt tribute for Bobbie "Frisk-Me-Please" Sylvester brought a tear to everyone's eye.

In brief table breakout sessions led by Angela Thoburn we were asked us to identify issues we want to focus on more on in the next year. Pay equity resonated with many of the attendees. Go figure! ;-)

Throughout the luncheon we had enough sugar to keep everyone happily bouncing off the walls. :-)

The dessert table!

Pictures courtesy of Kayla Koeber

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May 16, 2014



Katy Peterson is hosting a fundraiser cocktail party at her home (195 South Crestline) on Convention Eve, from 6-8 pm. Expect to enjoy a variety of wonderful and exotic 'heavy' hors d'oeuvres (including desserts) made by various St. George Branch members. Wine/non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Cost is $25 per person, includes wine and food. You may register and pay online at: http://stgeorge-ut.aauw.net/convention/

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May 17, 2014



Amy BlackwellMark your calendar now for the 2014 Utah State Convention to be held in St. George on May 17th. Amy Blackwell, our regional AAUW Representative, will be our keynote speaker. The topic: "Moving Forward in '15" what opportunities can we seize next year to advance equity for women and girls?

AAUW and AAUW Action Fund Director Amy Blackwell, BS MA, owns and operates a marketing and communications company in Castle Rock, Colorado. She is a certified facilitator of $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshops and a member of the new AAUW Colorado eNetwork virtual branch, Blackwell lends her public policy expertise to the Colorado Pay Equity Commission, Rocky Mountain PBS's Women and Girls, and to AAUW Colorado's volunteer lobby corps and grassroots member mobilization efforts. Amy has helped several nonprofits, including her local domestic violence agency, to revitalize and to reach new audiences of clients, donors, and volunteers.

Mary Anne Holladay

Mary Anne Holladay is the lunch time speaker and will talk about "Women and Education: Utah's Best Practices." Mary Anne Holladay has over 30 years of experience in leadership, strategic consulting, and organizational development. She is the president and CEO of Holladay & Associates, a firm specializing in strategic planning and organizational assessment. She is actively involved in community service through organizations such as United Way of Salt Lake's Women's Leadership Council and Intermountain Therapy Animals. Mary Ann has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Utah.

Tara Dunn a two-time candidate for St. George City Council will lead a workshop: How to Run for Elected Office.Tara ran for St. George City Council in 2011 and 2013 and although she was not elected, her story is one that will be of interest to all. She will tell attendees why she decided to run, how she ran her campaigns and what she learned from both experiences

Please make plans to attend this exciting event. If you would like to work on the Convention Committee please contact Rosemary Hargrove: hargroverosemary@yahoo.com

Click here to register online.

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June 6 - 8, 2014




Nevada AAUW has been given a unique opportunity to host AAUW women from Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Idaho.

Patricia Fae Ho, President of AAUW, Lisa Maatz, AAUW Vice President of Government Relations, Deepti Gudipati, AAUW Director of Membep Leadership Programs, and Jill Hanauer of Project New America are featured speakers at The Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, "Women of the West - Beyond the Wagon Train" at the Siena Hotel, June 6-8, 2014.

Come learn what AAUW is doing nationally and in neighboring states. Come enjoy socializing with like-minded women who are dedicated to AAUW's mission. Tune in to the leadership training on Friday morning. Tour the historic area of Reno.Relax in the lovely hotel by the Truckee River. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nevada women's suffrage.

The low registration fee of $130 includes Saturday lunch and dinner.Links to the registration form and flyer are below. May 10 is the deadline for conference and hotel reservations. Make your reservations now to avoid late fees.

Come join us for an experience you won't forget - "Beyond the Wagon Train" - rub elbows with modern Western Women!

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The St. George Branch Program and Membership Meeting Luncheons are held on the first or second Monday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott, located at 185 S 1470 E, St. George, UT 84790.

Lunch is $16.00 per plate and features educational speakers that are of interest to our membership. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.


Luncheon Schedule
Spring 2014

(Luncheons will resume on September 8, 2014)

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Can You Help?

In preparation for our Branch’s presentation at the State Convention in May, Pam Wootten is asking for your help in assembling photos.

If you have pictures of events that have taken place this year, including monthly luncheons, please get in touch with Pam Wootten: ptwootten@gmail.com

Thank you.

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Ruth Allen

Marianne Sorensen

Co-Vice Presidents


Kayla Koeber

Angela Thoburn


Joyce Spinelli

Lolita Hagio


Donna Howell

Bonnie Boling


Gail Winterfeld

Vicky Jennings

Archivist/Past President

Pamela Wootten

Newsletter & Tech Guru

Lysa McCarroll

Public Policy

Lisa Bratton

Scholarship Committee Chair

Shannon Anderson


Gloria Prahl

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You have troubles registering for luncheons, and other tech-related questions:
Lysa McCarroll

Your contact information changes: Joyce Spinelli

You need to register for a luncheon but the deadline has passed:
Kayla Koeber

You would like to submit an item for the newsletter:
Lysa McCarroll

You have questions about the website:
Dawn McLain

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Your Brain Needed!!

As Co-Chairs of Programs our goal is to produce AAUW luncheon presentations that relate to our core AAUW mission, as well as interest, inspire and challenge our members while promoting a strong sense of community.

Please download the survey and let us know your thoughts.

(This is a 2 page PDF file. One page is list of past program events. The other is the actual survey.)

Click here to download Survey

Please return your survey to us via:
1) The May 7 AAUW Luncheon
2) Scan and e-mail to kaylakoeber@infowest.com
3) Mail to AAUW PO Box 790 St. George, UT 84771

Your comments will be kept strictly confidential.

Thanks for your help!
Kayla & Angela

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30 plus years

Ellen Tadken: 57

Jeannette Johnson: 46

Pamela Wootten: 44

Carol Sawaya: 33

20-29 years

Lois Sheets: 28

Louise Stephans: 27

Penelope Eicher: 25

Ruthann Adams: 22

Kay Ackerman: 20+

Wreatha Witte: 20+

Gloria Prahl: 20

Linda Timmons: 20

Chris Wheeler: 20

5-10 years

Liz Adams: 7

Ruth Allen: 7

Nadene Barish: 6

Laura Blackman: 9

Lolita Hagio: 5

Rosemary Hargrove: 5

Carol Lubomudrov: 7

Lesley McPeek: 7

Terry Ogborn: 5

Daphne Selbert: 5

Cindy Smith: 5

Marianne Sorensen: 5

Helen Stanfield: 5

Bobbie Sylvester: 6

Heidi Tasso: 5

Janet Tenneson-McCarty: 5

Colette Thomas: 5

Jean Volz: 6

Sue Wilson: 6

Gail Winterfield: 6

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Video: Chuna Empowering Woman

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